About Kingston MakerSpace

The vision of the Kingston MakerSpace is to create an autonomous, community driven, centrally located, shared space with access to tools for friendly, collaborative technical and artistic expression and experimentation in Kingston.

The mission of the Kingston MakerSpace community will be to address the various artistic, technical, social and entrepreneurial challenges pursued by its members; enabled by appropriate technology and their own shared skills and resources.

Steps toward achieving these goals will include:

  • Providing space, tools and activities accessible to everyone in the community regardless of their current skills, capabilities or financial status.
  • Sharing Maker knowledge through organized events focussed on particular technologies and applications, including workshops on using Maker tools safely and effectively.
  • Showcasing and sharing the accomplishments of MakerSpace members with the broader community.

Kingston Makerspace Bylaws


AUTONOMOUS –¬†Kingston MakerSpace is an incorporated non-profit with a board elected by members.
COMMUNITY-MINDED – Members collaborate on community outreach projects on a voluntary basis.
MEMBER-DRIVEN – Pursue your own artistic and technical projects, and collaborate with others.
AFFORDABLE – A flexible multi-tiered membership scheme with all fees and other expenses charged on a cost-recovery basis.
CENTRALLY-LOCATED – Located close to downtown Kingston.

WE NEED YOU! We need tools, funding, and eager members to realize our goal. For more information on how you or your organization can become part of this exciting project, check out our Facebook page at https://facebook.com/KingstonMakerSpaceInitiative, on Twitter @makerspaceygk, or email us at kingston.makerspace@gmail.com